500 years ago, the Planar Prophets helped ward off the incursions of various realities onto the world, shattering what was known about the world and the gods. In the wake of the Great Incursions, the Grand Empire of the West rose to prominence, backed by the strength of the new Planar Churches.

200 years ago, the great Orc warlord Grozgrandar Greatfather led the largest army of orcs, goblins, and giants ever assembled, and rent the heart of the Empire, allowing the provincesd to fall into chaos.

In the current era, the Border Coast has seen little in the way of the mythic races of eras past. Elves are seen only in the bloodlines they have left behind. Dwarves are mysterious arms dealers who rarely venture from their mountain home. Gnomes are fairy tale creatures that have returned to the Feywild.

Humans are ascendant, and those humans whose bloodlines are not quite as pure. Elf-touched, Tieflings, and Aasimar often become heroes, but are rare outside of the families of great heroes. Halflings attempt to live their lives, quietly, avoiding chaos and tumult.

But the legendary creatures and races are not gone. Far to the west, in the shattered remnants of the Imperial Capital, there are still the children of the Greatfather, ruling over the wastes. Dragons slumber to the north and east.

The time has come for the Empire to be forged anew, or have all remnants of its past wiped from history.

The Far End of the Empire